What’s Next for Tech Investment?

While it is impossible to predict the next big technological innovations, we do know that investors will always bet on their future success. Here are just a few areas we expect to attract significant investment capital in the coming months and years:

1. Quantum computing stretches beyond conventional computing capabilities like online chatting, shopping, or emailing. Instead, quantum computing embraces quantum theory ideas. It can also work in parallel, working on multiple things at once, to influence the ability to work faster than a conventional computer.

Specifically, quantum computers can perform factorizing functions, where standard computers cannot. Other possibilities of quantum computing are still being researched today.

2. 3D printing: This is a process of forming physical objects out of a three-dimensional digital model. It is done by compiling many thin layers of material successfully. It can be personalized to individual needs and performs physical productions that cannot normally be implemented by other means.

The technology of 3D printing does not require tool development, which generates savings in cost, time, and labor. Finally, 3D printing is eco-friendly by reducing manufacturing processes, material consumption, waste creation, and extending the product’s operating life. This technology offers high incentives for investors.

3. E-health: E-health is improving the way patients, their families, doctors, and medical teams communicate, making medical care patient-centered and more efficient. E-health mechanisms can provide a platform for patient medical records, give patients and families remote access to healthcare professionals to have a two-way conversation about symptoms, results, and treatment.

Large medical institutions, including the Veterans Health Administration, are starting to use E-health as a way for patients to record their own vital signs and medical data from home. Other E-health innovations provide nurses with reminders of question to ask each patient customized by their medical history.

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